Saturday, December 19, 2009

Big Sister, Gown, Nurse Bags

I also did 2 matching shirts for older sisters for this mom. I bet they look so cute, hehe!

Nurse Graduation Gift - the front (professional) side of the bag

the other side of the bag - Nurse Stella (she's the Maxine of the RN world)

Holly - can't wait to hear about your family's reaction when Kaylee walks in Christmas morning with this shirt! What a cute idea, huh?

Saturday, December 12, 2009


I am still crazy busy but I am catching up! I only have 4 more shirts to make! The rest is all monogramming things. I have about 20 things to monogram. Oh and stay tuned for pics of a Nurse canvas bag. Jess has 3 friends graduating from nursing school so she is having me do bags for them as graduation gifts.

3 matching lollipop shirts

this one shows the bows

The cutest burp ever! His daddy is a blackhawk pilot. The burps with applique on them are $12 (which is an extra $4). I know that's kind of a lot but it takes a long time to make it. My burp cloths have fabric sewn on them (not ribbon) and it's the same amount of fabric on the other side. It makes it a little nicer. If you are looking for a cheaper solution, I can do them with ribbon. Just let me know what you want!

Christmas gift for a teacher

Monday, December 7, 2009

A few more pics...

Well, just when I thought things were slowing down (and they did on ebay/etsy) I have gotten more orders from friends or friends of friends, etc. Don't get me wrong, I APPRECIATE the business but also know I have to cut it off soon! So, if you planned to order something please do so this week!!! I have sold 120 of these shirts!!!!!!! Holy moly! That's a lot of shirts!
So, this is a pretty neat story...I had a lady contact me from ebay about 3 lollipop shirts and matching bows (pics coming soon) and she realized I lived in Clarksville. So does she. Actually just 5 minutes from me! What a small world!! So I meeting up with her this week. She has some monogramming for me to do as well. I will probably give her this site so she is going to read this. Hi Allison!

I just realized I never put a pink snowflake up! So cute! I had a lady make Ally some pink minky ruffle pants to match this shirt. OH. MY. GOSH. It's so stinkin cute!

I never thought to put this on black but actually think it turned out pretty cute. This was an ebay request. She mailed me the shirt and everything. Then she wanted the bows for pig tails...cute!

Cute little snowman on the red ruffle shirt.