Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fall Winter Items

For the Fall/Winter I am going to carry long sleeves in the following colors:

Pink (perfect for the turkey)
Black (Halloween or last year I did a hot green christmas tree with hot pink bow and it looked great on black)
Lime Green (orange pumpkin on it will look great)
White (all designs will look good on white...white was my most popular last year)
Red (Christmas)

I am also going to carry BLACK ruffle pants. They are just like the shorts and match the shirts perfectly. I am also considering carrying another color pants. Maybe red? How about white? Lime Green? The green will go with both Fall and Christmas. Send me your thoughts!
The pants are going to be only $11!

Here is a pic of the green paired with black pants (although these are not the ruffle pants I am going to carry)...

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