Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Baby Sale!

For baby girl's only...sorry! I am trying to clean out some old inventory since I have the Monag line I carry in stock. So - I have about 20 onesies from 0-3 months up to 12 months. They are either The Children's Place brand or Snug Time, which is a boutique brand. The Snug Time ones are pink and I have 3 long sleeved/long legged ones and several onesie-type. You can get a monogrammed onesie for $8 or an applique (design) with monogram for $12. These would make great baby gifts!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Come See Me!!

For the locals: I will be participating in a local vendor show at Natalie's Dance Studio. Come see me and the other vendors on Saturday, February 6th from 10-2. Details below...you can click the image to make it larger. I will be offerring specials that day....spend $40 and get a free hairbow!

Friday, January 22, 2010

New Items!

I have decided to expand my "in stock" items. I have several new, fun things to show you! But for now, most of it is not monogrammed. I wanted to at least get pictures of it for everyone to see.

Diaper Covers/Bloomers/Panties - $12 with mono $14 with mono and bows
These would be cute to put "1st Birthday", cupcake with 1 candle and mono, Easter Bunny or other Holidays designs, name, initials, or single letter monogram. They come in size 0-6 months up to 4T.

Newborn/Infant hats - $10, including monogram. I also have "mini" designs like butterflies and sports balls, etc that would look cute on the left side of the name.

Bibs - $10 with monogram and $12 with design and mono. These are BIG and SOFT! They are that same interlock cotton as the shirts I carry. These would look cute with either a simple monogram or "Baby's First Easter", etc. I have a design with a

Here's the 1st Easter Design...great for onesies, bibs, or diaper covers!

6-9 month GIRLS ROMPER. These are also the same soft interlock cotton as the shirts, with a ruffle on the sleeves. These are really cute!

I have a few things for adults!! This is a market tote...they are pretty popular these days. It collapses down really small. It can be monogrammed. I can get these in several different colors/designs. They are $26.00 including monogram.

Crayon roll - $18.00, including monogram and comes with 24 count crayons. These are great to keep in the car and great for big brother, big sister gifts. These are the Doodlebugz brand crayon purses and rolls. The above picture shows a boy's crayon roll (red and blue) unrolled, a girls crayon roll rolled up, and the crayon purse.

Crayon Purse - $21, including monogram and comes with 24 count crayons and a doodle pad of paper.

Adult Item! Personalized Travel Coffee Mug - $15, including monogrammed fabric insert. This is the same concept as the sippy cups. These will be machine monogrammed, not just printed on paper.

Another adult item! KEY FOBS! Pick your webbing (shown above) and then pick your ribbon (I have tons to choose from....polkas, stripes, solids). I monogram the ribbon and sew it on the webbing and then attach the hardware. These are great teacher gifts, thank-you gifts, etc. Only $8.00, including monogram!

These are not mine...I stole this picture from somewhere else just to show you what the finished product will look like.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

More baby order pics


The lady ordering this gift said their parents are basketball lovers!

I have done a few more lollipop shirts...looks like it might be my best seller for the spring/summer so far!

New product...infant hats! I am going to post soon on SEVERAL new products I carry in stock!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Easter Designs

How cute is the Easter stuff!!!

Front of the shirt - this design is $25 because of front/back. Fabric is pink minky dot and the tail is white minky dot. So soft and cute!

Back of shirt

Bow options

St. Patrick's Day Shirts

This design with the ribbon and bow stitched on is $21. The matching bow as shown is $3.00. I can also monogram this shirt for the same price. I did this one for my daughter and felt she probably had enough monogrammed shirts so I left it off. Plus it's a size 2 and there really wasn't a lot of room for it. If you order in a bigger size, it will fit on there much better. You can get this shirt without ribbon and bow stitched on for $18.

This bow is $4 with the center resin.

More Burps and a birthday shirt

These turned out SO CUTE!!! I also have a lion, elephant and other monkey designs. I think the polka dot ribbon looks great on there.

Cute birthday shirt!

Pink/Brown Hairbow Holder

I can make this is ANY ribbon color variation. Note - some letters can only have one "tail" (like "S", "T", "O", etc) because of the shape of the letter. Hairbow holders start at $15. I can also make them with only one layer of ribbon instead of two like the one shown. The one shown is $20.

Close up of the little bows on the bottom of the tails (provides a little weight down there)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Valentine Shirts!

I have long-sleeved shirts in pink, white and red...all perfect for V-Day!

this design turned out even better than I thought!

Cute little hearts!

I can do an appliqued letter in the red gingham (instead of a heart fabric) so you are not just tied to V-day.

Spring Shirts!

My short-sleeved shirts are in! The short-sleeved shirts are just as cute and nice as the long sleeved ones. Most of you already know this but I have some new customers and blog readers so I thought I would mention these shirts are EXCELLENT quality. They are boutique-grade. They are made of 100% ring spun combed cotton, 40/S super soft, fine interlock (whatever than means!)....I think that translates to super soft! I am only going to carry the short-sleeved shirts in white. If I get a lot of interest in other colors, I may consider getting more.

Basic-colored bows! I can also do M2M bows.