Monday, May 31, 2010

4th of July design, NEW rompers, and others...

Here is an option for 4th of July. Order soon especially if I have to mail it to you! I will make sure you get it before July.

I am now carrying these cute girly rompers in size 3-6 months! They are so cute in this size! It's a great alternative to the onesies (I am still carrying those, too though). These are $16 with a monogram or $20 with an applique. I also carry the rompers in size 6-12 and later this week some 12-18 month will arrive! I am going to try these out and see how well they sell. If they don't end up selling well, I won't order them again and we'll just stick with the onesies. Let me know what you think!

whale shirt in girly colors

gown and hat combo

alligator is still most popular design!

end of year teacher bags

dump truck on one of the sale onesies

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Quilted Bags

Here is just a sampling of the bags I ordered! If you see a style you like but don't care for the color shown, email me and I will let you know if I have it or if I can get it for you! These bags are great either with or without a monogram! I don't have pricing info listed just yet but plan to go back to this post and add it on there. Oh and I have more pics if you want to see what it looks like on the inside. Bear with me until I can get all this organized!!

UPDATE: I added pricing info below. These bags are very reasonably priced! AND - I am going to offer monograms on them for only $3!!!

Wheeled duffle - $30

Large diaper bag: metal feet, gingham lining, changing pad included - $22

Small tote - $10 (I have this in several colors)

Large zipper backpack - $20 (Length/Height/Width 12.0" / 15.0" / 5.5")
Medium zipper backpack - $18 (Length/Height/Width 11.0" / 13.0" / 4.5" )

cosmetic case inside - $14

duffle bags
medium - $20Length/Height/Width : 18.0" / 9.0" / 9.0")
large - $22 (Length/Height/Width : 21.0" / 12.0" / 11.0")

garment bag - $18

large duffle bags - $22 (Length/Height/Width : 21.0" / 12.0" / 11.0")

Drawstring backpacks - $18

diaper bag: metal feet, gingham lining, changing pad and coin purse included - $20

Latest Appliques

Fleur De Lis (downtown Clarksville, email me if you want more info) carries these nap mats. They are so cute! I wish my kids needed one!

sorry this is a little blurry. looks like 5 letters is the max i can fit on these shirts unless you order size 4 or 6...because then I can use a bigger hoop.
And by the way, I finally placed my order for the bag line I am going to carry. I should get them in the mail in the next day or two. I plan to post some sample pics soon!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bags and Market Totes

I am super excited about the new line of market totes I am carrying. Notice they don't have the support strip going down the middle so I can monogram in the middle now (I am a symmetrical person but many of you could careless about it not being in the middle). I also bought 3 mini market totes. I think these would make a cute diaper caddy for babies! Or it could just be used as a smaller tote. The mini totes are $20 including monogram and the regular size is $26 for solids or $28 for prints. The black and white polka from the other line was so popular I decided to buy more of those as well. So if you like that one, I have a couple left. And I have a turquoise polka one left as well! I bought 12 of these to have in stock and took them to the store (Fleur de Lis) and sold 5 of them in 2 days! They are a popular item!
These first 3 are mini totes.

I believe this one is sold (but I could get more...)

These are the bigger ones:

These 2 are from the previous line...

These bags are in stock and ready for a monogram (if you choose). Very cute. I think it would make a good beach bag. Good price, too! $20 including monogram ($15 if no monogram)

Aqua and brown